28 January 2013  |  Amsterdam RAI,  NL

InfoComm Future Trends   Summit

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 Part 1: Future Customer Needs

Who is the AV/IT customer of the future? What is influencing his buying decisions? What will he need, or even demand of AV going forward? This is your opportunity to find out. Our end-user panel includes users from a number of key market sectors including corporate, education and healthcare. Panelists will outline cutting-edge uses of AV technologies in their sector, provide perspective on where need/demand is heading in their industry as a whole, and share with us a sneak peak of future AV decisions they are considering in the coming years. After hearing from each panelist, we’ll open the floor to your questions*.

From Simon Birkett: There is a move to introduce a greater use of technology in to the classroom and lecture theatre to enhance the learning experience; the need to work beyond the physical constraints of the classroom wall is being driven by the increasing demands and expectations of the student...

From Kiat Huang: Google has a deep interest in AV systems - we develop and use AV extensively throughout the company to benefit our employees and partners.  The Google AV group purchases, develops, integrates and supports AV systems to power our in-house solutions including Video Conferencing, Tech Talks, Digital Signage and showcase Partner Plexes.  Google has built one of the world's largest Video Conferencing networks based on Google Hangout infrastructure. We engage OEMs and Integrators to help us innovate, build and scale.

At the Future Trends Summit, hear Google's experiences of the challenges and successes of innovating AV, the technologies we invest in and the trends we see in collaboration, interactivity, cloud, mobile integration and hardware.

    *Have a specific question in mind that you’d like our panelists to address? Email it to [email protected] and we’ll share it with them as they prepare!

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