28 January 2013  |  Amsterdam RAI,  NL

InfoComm Future Trends   Summit

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Part 3: Future of AV Technologies

What are the technologies to watch in the coming months or years, and what disruptive technologies might catch you by surprise? Presenters Bob Simpson, Pete Putman, and Blair Parkin will help you stay ahead of the curve with an overview of the cutting-edge developments likely to impact on integration businesses in the years to come.


Trends in display technologies
  ~  Is plasma on the endangered species list?
  ~  What's new with LCD, and when will we ever see large OLEDs come to market for TVs and monitors?

Wireless trends
  ~  What systems are out there for wireless display and audio connectivity, and how well do they work?
  ~  Why can't you just use WiFi? Will this market take off in 2013?
  ~  4K resolution - Another shift in display technology
  ~  There are already several 4K TVs and a couple of 4K projectors available for the home. Is this just hype, or is there something to 4K after all?
  ~  Who are the players and products? What are the interfacing challenges?

Display Interfaces
  ~  HDMI is 10 years old, and a new version (2.0) is in the works. As the sun finally sets on analog interfaces, will HDMI stay "king of the hill;" will DisplayPort displace it, or will they co-exist?
  ~  Can we still use copper at higher data rates?
  ~  What's happening with the trend towards high-density, multi-signal display interfaces, like Thunderbolt?
  ~  What developments in consumer electronics will affect professional AV?

Trends in Big Image Technologies
  ~  What are the options and possible developments in videowalls and tiled displays?
  ~  What about LED, projection cubes, tiled LCD, and laser phosphor display?
  ~  What will be the impact of the arrival of large flat panel displays on the projection market?
  ~  What is the real story behind solid state light sources for projection, projection of 4K images, and advances in panoramic projection?
  ~  Is 3D already "old" technology? What about “glasses free” 3D displays?

“On the Edge” – Emerging Technologies
  ~  A number of emerging technologies and markets can be found “on the edge” of the core IT and AV business worlds. Will these gain momentum and impact our market space?
  ~  Or, will they gain momentum without impacting us, or will they come to little or nothing at all?
  ~  Will the following be relevant to our industry:
       -  Real time data visualization; Real time simulation; Real time design visualization (in 3D);
       -  Gesture and large format touch based interactivity;
       -  Cognitive system input;
       -  So called “collaborative” technologies including the concept and reality of Unified Communication;
       -  The future of the boardroom table?

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